Content Breakdown

The pilot will be 60 minutes and episodes following will be half hour segments.
Series Pilot

Features four women who embody the Joyful Black Women concept – three in the United States, while one lives abroad. It’s a fun ride as we profile their lives, before they changed from just making a living to choosing their personal income generating paths.

Family Dynamics

Whether cast members are in families or single, how they think, feel and interact with their loved ones changes as they evolve toward working on their own terms.

Workplace Productivity

A close examination of corporate workers who are calling their own shots and enjoy having hybrid work styles will be showcased. 

The Price Paid

Are entrepreneurs making enough to keep them afloat? JBW will take a close look at how some avant-garde and entrepreneurial jobs are paying off


Dr. Chetahi Egwu, PhD, left her academic university position to create entertaining online programs. Her most popular program, Mediascope, currently reaches an international audience.