Joyful Black Women is an exciting international docuseries aimed at inspiring and empowering Black women worldwide. The series focuses on showcasing the surprising transformation and achievements of successful Black women whose metamorphosis from standard careers to joyous ones, are eventually revealed. This all happens, as they embrace technology to achieve their goals. The pilot for Joyful Black Women, features stories of four extraordinary women who have designed their own career paths, however risky, daring or offbeat. The show also promotes workplace awareness campaigns to promote inclusivity and support for all women of color. With a focus on shedding ancestral baggage and fearless confidence, the series is a roadmap for women to achieve their lifelong passions and design their lifestyles and paycheck, unapologetically.




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Joyful Black Women craft remarkable lifestyles, embrace technology and Influence International Audiences.
Joyful Black Women is owned and a product of New Culture City Inc. The Corporation’s mission is to raise awareness of underserved communities, carefully examining and celebrating them through our cameras' insightful lens.
Writers Guild of America # 1352331
A 2021 Pew Study survey of 17 advanced economies reports that large majorities say discrimination against people based on their race or ethnicity is a serious problem in the U.S. While many say discrimination is also a serious problem in their own countries, they consistently say discrimination is worse in the U.S. than in their country.
–Pew Research Center (5)