The problem is, people are created equal but computers are not. Kodak, for example, not only created hundreds of thousands of jobs, but hundreds of thousands of middle-class jobs with security. Instagram, created success by routing photographs and here you have thirteen people being worth a billion dollars, so the millions of people adding data to their platform, don’t get paid. The informal benefits of free social media services don’t pay your rent or help raise your children. We need a society that generates formal benefits for people.
- Jaron Lanier, Inventor, Virtual Reality


Joyful Black Women is an international docuseries workplace-awareness campaign, inspiring Black women to embrace technology as they craft fulfilling lifestyles.

Changing the well-being and state of mental health and work/life balance for Black women globally

Pilot Episode

Full hour-long documentary domestic and international


Reality/Topical Lifestyle Travel/Dating/Technology/Work


An hour-long documentary pilot. Unlimited half-hour long programs


Testimonials advocating for Black women in technology and work/life balance optimized for social media (pubic relations strategy development)


One-minute vignette packages for social media and streaming platforms

Target Audience

Ages 17-49