Only 3% of America’s entire technical workforce are held by black women. Yet careers in technology are one of the highest paid."
Women in Technology 2022
In the spirit of Finding Your Roots® and Antiques Roadshow®, JOYFUL BLACK WOMEN (JBW) follows the journey of cast members as they risk careers changes, and discover technological advantages. Some become entrepreneurial, and others work remotely for companies while all are in search of seeking more fulfilling lives. Some are pivoting as the world-wide pandemic continues and our new normal takes place.
JBW’s pilot is a colorful, 60-minute long DocuSeries encouraging working Black women to become technically savvy and even consider careers in technology.
The pilot, is a stand-alone documentary, and features four enterprising Black women who have built their incomes around remote work or technology in the most unusual ways. Our cameras follow along as our cast members as they create careers, some in foreign countries outside of the United States.
Their goal is to generate income on their own terms. And our ultimate goal is to inspire audiences, specifically Black women, to work and live more joyfully by embracing self-care and technology.
The pilot and each episode chronicles cast members as they face unexpected challenges, surprises, disappointments, triumphs, and setbacks, culminating in surprising and unexpected reveals. Are they able to make enough money generate enough income to achieve their goals? Did they leave the U.S.? Do they find love? Are they happy in their new lives? Are their families adjusting? Each program ends as we unravel their outcomes and reveal whether or not their gamble paid off.
Remote careers are based in technology. Whether working for corporations or becoming an entrepreneur, it opens a world of limitless possibilities.